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Working Hours: 54 hours

Size: Made-to-measure

Order Type: HV4YOU



Presenting the 50th handcrafted garment by HV Atelier - a true testament to elegance and attention to detail. Handmade with love in Paris, this remarkable garment features the finest French-made Cotton Gabardine, offering the utmost prestige in quality. The meticulous design includes 100% silicone piping sewn into each fabric piece, creating a mesmerizing contrast in textures. Adorned with YKK's premium metallic parts, the best in the industry, this creation exudes opulence and excellence.

Delve deeper, and you'll discover the delightful intricacies within. The pockets, a total of 18, are a seamless blend of functionality and style. Each pocket's interior showcases a map of Paris, embracing the spirit of the city where these pants were born. Embrace the nomad-inspired look, elegantly oversized and effortlessly chic, perfect for the modern wanderer.

HV Atelier proudly presents this masterpiece, a true ode to luxury and sophistication. Join us in celebrating this milestone in HV’s history.

Note: If you particularly like this design, you can request an appointment with our head of design to work with us on making a tailored version of this design suitable to your needs. Price is on demand.

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