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Garment 3

Garment 3

Garment Name: Fashion Week

Collection: "Rewind" Capsule

Working hours: 44 hours

Availability: Made-to-order and made-to-measure. Handcrafted in Paris, France.

Price on demand, request an appointment now.

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*Price is on demand as every aspect of the garment is customisable in case you wish to change anything. If you would like to order the exact same design, this garment would cost you 740 Euros, tax and services included. In case of any design changes, the price of the garment may fluctuate. Please request an appointment in order to place your order.


Product Description:

Materials Used:

  • Main Fabric: 100% beige french cotton gabardine.
  • Secondary Fabric: 100% french cotton denim with golden accents.
  • Pocket Lining: 100% Japanese cotton with gold foiling and floral print.

Metallic Parts:

  • Golden metallic parts.
  • YKK zipper fly opening with button.
  • 10 rivets to secure the front panels.

The garment features:

  • Double stitching all over in contrasting colour.
  • HV’s Overlapping Pockets on the top front.
  • HV’s Hidden Pockets on the top back.
  • HV’s custom embroidery on the right back pocket.
  • HV’s leather patch.
  • Eiffel tower pattern down each sides.


Tailored To Your Preferences:

Even though you can order the exact same garment, you can also make this design your own and work with our head of design to modify the following aspects of this garment:

  • Main fabric type and colour,
  • Secondary fabric type and colour,
  • Pocket lining colour and design,
  • Colour of stitches,
  • Colour of metallic parts,
  • Remove or add some features to the garment,
  • Custom embroidery.



The "Fashion Week" garment from the "Rewind" collection mirrors the vivacity of the fashion realm. Its Eiffel Tower pattern along the leg reflects Parisian allure, each detail reminiscent of the iconic landmark's intricate architecture.

Double stitchings evoke precision, reminiscent of haute couture craftsmanship. Beige denim accents, adorned with golden reflections in light, symbolize elegance under the runway's glare.

Crafted meticulously, the garment embodies our founder's journey, from aspirations to tangible elegance. Like Fashion Week's transformative energy, it exudes confidence and innovation.

With every thread, it narrates a tale of ambition and creativity, echoing the rhythm of the catwalk where dreams materialize into artistry. "Fashion Week" transcends attire; it's a testament to our dedication, manifesting dreams in fabric and stitch.

Note: If you particularly like this design, you can request an appointment with our head of design to work with us on making a tailored version of this design suitable to your needs. Price is on demand.

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