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HV Atelier's road to exquisite luxury and unparalleled refinement.

How we got here

The very beginning

Everything started in Singapore, when our founder Henri Vitte suddenly released his first ever collection for his high-school program. After 2 years of work squished into 8 months, the collection inspired by the city of Singapore, his home town, was born. The beautiful part of it?Henri didn't know how to sew 8 months prior, and the whole process was self-taught. Even though his whole environment was originally against Henri taking this risk, the collection was selected amongst the top 5 exhibitions and later appeared in the news paper. 

The impact of Covid-19

Right after graduation, Henri enrolled in a well-known business program. Even though studying the key basics of business was essential, Henri's passion for fashion was the dominant force in his life. He immediately decided to create his first fashion show. A moment that could've led to immediate success since A-List celebrities were supposed to attend. However, 48 hours before the show, Covid-19 was declared a worldwide pandemic and the show was cancelled. Dreams were broken, his appetite opened. 

The birth of HV Atelier

Two years of heavy worldwide restrictions went by, and as the world opened up its borders, Henri established the business model for HV Atelier during his last year as a business student. He finally could start pursuing his passion again: fashion craftsmanship. He knew for a fact there were no other alternatives than creating his own fashion house. He decided that the earlier he starts, the sooner he can start expressing his story and passion, but most importantly it was the perfect medium for him to share his road to self-discovery, while establishing his own legacy.

The student collection

During the summer after graduation, Henri decided to showcase 24 garments that he practised on during the end of the pandemic. The story telling was a key factor to the advertising of these garments as it was the first time his art would be shown again since his last high-school year, after Covid cancelled his first fashion show. This collection was special, while it showcased the consequent progress that was done by a self-taught teenager, it was the first trial to a concept he's been developing for months: Make the development of the artist the main product, while letting each client be a part of the story.

The pivotal year

The first trial proved promising, yet Henri delayed HV Atelier's launch, seeking higher skill levels. He enrolled in an intensive Fashion Design program at Istituto Marangoni. As he showcased his work, attention from athletes and entertainers surged, orders pouring in. Despite success, Henri aimed for unparalleled craftsmanship. By year-end, with growing orders, attained skill levels, and a proven concept, he secured funds. This pivotal year marked the professional launch of his life's project, HV Atelier.

The official launch

As Henri approached the official launch of HV Atelier, he recognized the importance of addressing weaknesses and refining every aspect of the business. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, he devoted time to developing the full spectrum of service offerings, ensuring no detail was overlooked. Through meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to perfection, Henri strengthened the foundations of HV Atelier. From enhancing customer experiences to refining operational efficiency, every facet of the business underwent scrutiny and refinement. As the launch date approached, HV Atelier stood poised to offer unparalleled craftsmanship and service, a testament to Henri's unwavering pursuit of excellence and dedication to fulfilling his vision.

and many more steps to accomplish...

The Official Launch

        HV Atelier stands as a testament to Henri's journey of determination, passion, and resilience, culminating in the creation of the "Rewind" capsule collection. Each garment within the collection reflects a facet of Henri's daily life, from the early rise of "Wake Up" to the late-night hustle of "Late Night Work," weaving a narrative of responsibilities, aspirations, and relentless pursuit of excellence. 
        "Rewind" unfolds as a visual odyssey, harmonizing Henri's varied rhythms: navigating academia with "School Work," indulging in leisure with "Shopping," embracing the electrifying pulse of the fashion world during "Fashion Week," and igniting romance during "Date Night." Named thoughtfully and designed meticulously, each piece bears Henri's indelible artistic vision—an homage to craftsmanship, innovation, and storytelling. 
        Beyond aesthetics, "Rewind" celebrates resilience and audacity, reflecting on past experiences as a catalyst for Henri's transformation into an entrepreneurial trailblazer. With every stitch and silhouette, the collection invites one on a journey of self-discovery, reinvention, and boundless possibility—an odyssey of creativity, inspiration, and imagination that begins with "Rewind" and culminates in the realization of one's deepest aspirations.

What we stand for

Our Craftsmanship

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Paris, France

At HV Atelier, every single garment is designed and handcrafted at the heart of Paris, the city of couture, offering an unparalleled quality and experience.

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Every single one of our garments is handmade to your own specific measurements. Wether you requested a physical or virtual appointment, get your measurements professionally taken.

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Fabric Selection

For every garment produced by the Atelier, every fabric is hand selected and sampled by our head of design. We only seek materials from the most prestigious suppliers of Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris and Rome.

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Pattern Making

Pattern making is an art of precision and dedication. We meticulously craft our patterns, ensuring each garment embodies elegance and perfection, offering timeless quality.

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Fabric Cutting

Hand-cutting fabric is a sacred craft. Every piece is meticulously cut, ensuring precision and quality in each garment. It symbolizes our commitment to artisanal excellence and the timeless couture artistry.

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Sewing garments is an art of precision and innovation that has been mastered after more than 200 pieces designed. We use state-of-the-art sewing machines to durably stitch each piece.

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For our clients located in Paris or visiting, we offer fitting sessions in the heart of paris, to ensure that every single detail is precisely crafted.

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